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ALEX BAWN - Tattoo Artist



A fellow friend and filmmaker Kai came across Alex's Instagram page by chance (@alexbawntattoo) and thought it would a captivating subject to document.


Alex's distinctive and intricate style of tattooing not only caught our eye but has also attracted the attention of tens and thousands of followers Worldwide. After getting in contact with Alex about our ideas, she was very enthusiastic about creating a piece of work that would only portrait Alex within her workspace, but a also a glimpse into the fascinating world of tattooing.


To complete the team, Daryl Boyden-Watts soon got on board production as assistant camera and our small crew of three set off in the early hours to travel from London to the Midlands - completing production in one full day.

Kai and I were then tasked with editing the footage following the successful shoot and were soon joined in the studio by Joshua Warren applying the final grade to the film

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